St. Lucie Habitat for Humanity is celebrating the kickoff of the Hagan’s ADA-compliant home!

We’re inviting you to the ultimate house party!

Our end of year fund raising efforts are focused on building the Hagan family’s Habitat home, and although we will miss the evening event and gathering to celebrate Habitat’s work, this year we want to direct our full fundraising effort to this special build.

At Habitat, when we partner with a family to create a solution to their housing needs, it takes a team. For the Hagans, that team includes Lizzie’s health care network, and tailored house plans that will create a home that allows the Hagan family to live in dignity, safety, and joy.

Please join us in this year’s ultimate house party by making a gift to St. Lucie Habitat. 

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Our Home for the Holidays Family


The Hagan Family

The Hagan Family

Buddy and Tessa Hagan are caregivers for their daughter Elisabeth. Currently, their home is not safe for their daughter and impacts how well they can care for her. They worry about her safety as old wiring and insulation keeps them from keeping their home cool enough. Heat causes Elisabeth to have seizures. The new home will not only allow them to keep her cool but will also allow them to bathe her properly and lift her in and out of her wheelchair safely. Buddy and Tessa will be able to give Elisabeth the care she needs and deserves in this new home.

The Hagan home does not allow for Elisabeth’s wheelchair to fit into the bathroom. Currently, she has to get her hair washed outside with a water hose. The home we are building will allow for Elisabeth to get safely into the bathroom.

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