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Hope Builders Club

Hope Builders are the foundation of our housing ministry

St. Lucie Habitat Hope Builders are making a difference

Through recurring donations (cash or in-kind), Hope Builders provide St. Lucie Habitat for Humanity with consistent and reliable gifts which allows us to plan ahead for our new construction and repair programs.

Become a Hope Builder and join this special group of individuals and organizations who regularly support our efforts – monthly, quarterly, annually – you decide how often!

The benefits of becoming a Hope Builder: 

It’s reliable.

Reliable funds help us to plan our new home building and critical repair projects with confidence. With your reoccuring gifts, you can help even more families achieve strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.

It’s convenient.

Your gift will be automatialy transferred from your bank account or credit card to St. Lucie Habitat for Humanity. No need to go to our online donation form and re-enter your payment information every time you want to make a difference.

It goes further.

Reoccuring gifts cut down on the administrative costs involved in fundraising, like paper, ink, and stamps. This means that your donation can be used in whole to combat the housing crisis in our community.

It’s easy to control. 

If ever you need to make a change to your reoccuring gift, just contact our office at (772) 464-1117 and we will be happy to take care of it right away.

St. Lucie Habitat Hope Builders


Cris Adams

Jeannie Angelico

Steven Barger

Leroy & Mary Bennett

Jim & Enid Braxton

Meredith Breault

Bob & Pauletta Calhoun

Trevor Cameron

Dave & Betty Carling

Susan Cedeno

Lillian Chambers

Terence Channon

Herbert Colvett

Neil D’Avino

Dave & Kathy Dangerfield

Charlie Doberstein

Arnater Dowers

Jim & Chris Elam

Carolyn G. Evanisko

Lee & Steve Fahey

Gary & Elaine Fallon

Cecelia De Filippis

Daniel Fleming

Rev. Allardyce Hamill

Angela Hayle

Patricia Garcia King

Nikita & Rhett Lloyd

Thomas E. Long

Caryl Love

Jack & Nancy Maxwell

Paula McGee

Lance & Tonya Mills

Markus Mueller

Tom Murphy

AnnMarie Napolitano

Frances T. Osley

Carolyn Patten

Joe & Letty Perez

Kathy Rembert

Sam & Mimi Rutland

Suzanne Shaffer

Gary and Kay Baldwin Smith

Patricia Spada-Elmasian

Gary & Darlene Stockman

Pierre St. Sume

Dana & Paul Trabulsy

Sasha Wahl

Mark Weinberg

Bill Wild

David Willbur

Bobbie Williams

Maddie & Dan Williams

Melissa & Ron Winstead

Margaret Wisniewski

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