The Bodnarchuk’s Family is a new Homeowner-in-Process Partner

Jennifer Bodnarchuk’s motto in life is “never give up”. She strives to be a role model that lives by those words to her four children. With one adult child living on their own, she has three children that live with her. They are Anthony, 20-years old, Jason,18 years-old and Izayah, 6 years-old. She has had many challenges in life that these words were needed.

To support her family, she works full time as a plant operator for the Martin County School District.

 After her family moved to St. Lucie County, they lived with her former mother-in-law in her home. She learned about St. Lucie Habitat from her.

When she applied to Habitat, she was by then living in an apartment with her three children. Jennifer did not get into the St. Lucie Habitat Homeownership Program at that time.

Her family found themselves being evicted from their apartment after new owners took over the management. They began living in Airbnb’s because her former mother-in-law’s home had been damaged in a fire. Eventually, she was able to move back in with mother-in-law after the home was repaired. Her and her children sleep on air mattresses and a couch.

Jennifer applied to St. Lucie Habitat again. This time, she was accepted as a Homeowner-in-Process (HIP). She said, “it was a true blessing.” Jennifer noted that she feels her family will finally be at ease and not in fear of where they will live next.

 Believing in working hard for what you want, her family is looking forward to completing the 300 hours of sweat equity.

 She thinks that the impact of living in their own home, will bring more stability and happiness to her and her children. And that it will alleviate the stress they experience now.

 Jennifer wants her children’s future to hold many positive opportunities to live a beautiful life. She wants to pass this home on to her children, so they always have a safe place to live.

 By never giving up, Jennifer is now on the path to homeownership as a Homeowner-in-Process Partner.

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