Hagan Family

Buddy and Tessa Hagan know all about kindheartedness and being willing to help any way they can. They are caregivers to daughter Elisabeth, 18. Tessa explains that before finding St. Lucie Habitat, her heart hurt every day thinking that Elisabeth would never get a real bath again. In their current home, it is simply not safe and puts Elisabeth at risk when they try to lift her into the tub. It became clear that their current home is not suitable to give her the proper care she needs and deserves. The home is older with no insulation and bad wiring. This makes it difficult to keep it cool in the hot months of summer. With heat being a trigger for Elisabeth’s seizures, the family knew something had to be done. They reached out to St. Lucie Habitat for Humanity for help and their application was approved. The new home will be ADA accessible so her wheelchair can fit through the doorways. Buddy and Tessa are relieved to know they will be able to keep Elisabeth comfortable and not put her at risk for a simply bath or shower.

The family believes community is a family related through bonds and circumstances, people who are kindhearted and compassionate, always ready to help when they can and are able. Tessa admits she had not heard the term sweat equity before being involved with Habitat. She has now come to know the term and believes it’s all about giving your fair share, and then some. While the family is not in their new home, yet they think the best part will be having the ability to roll Elisabeth into the bathroom for a shower and being able to get her in and out of their van in the shade. They look forward to the groundbreaking on their new home and then the chance to work alongside volunteers on their new home.