Welcome Chris Robertson, New Development & Marketing Director

St. Lucie Habitat for Humanity is excited to welcome our new Development and Marketing Director, Chris Robertson, to our team. He brings a depth of experience and a broad range of skills to our organization.

His strong sense of community and respect for the dedication and work of local non-profit organizations led him to volunteering and lending a hand to those most in need. Volunteerism is, to this day, an essential part of his life. It also has led him to a fulfilling and rewarding career with local non-profits. He led the nonprofit agency CASTLE and launched the Hope Lives Foundation, helping our local youth for the past five years.

Raised in the Midwest, Chris attended Huntington University in Huntington, Indiana, on a track scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree and an MBA. However, his love of sports – especially track/cross country and basketball – and competitive enthusiasm spurred him to take on high school and college coaching responsibilities. This has become his primary “outside activity” for the last 15 years and continues today.

Chris and his wife Angel have been Florida residents for 30 years and raised a son of 26 years, who lives in Indiana. Chris and Angel are extremely active in the community, school, and church.

To connect with Chris, email [email protected] or call (772) 464-1117 ext. 103.








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